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Participated in Connect W 2016 2016.10.04, 13:30:00
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Unitron, Inc. has participated in Connect W 2016 in Songdo Convensia from September 27th to 28th. It was a good opportunity to present Unitron’s high performance and cost-efficient solutions to buyers from overseas. 

Also, Unitron’s IoT solution had been introduced at the business meeting with some communications officers. Both exhibitor and buyers shared their new technologies about IoT.
Unitron will be exhibit at GMV which will be held in Kintex, Ilsan on October. Any visitors who are interested in telecommunications solutions would be welcome anytime. 

If you have a plan to visit there, and want to arrange a meeting with us, please contact sales@uniton1.co.kr.

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E-mail : sales@unitron1.co.kr
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