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  Optic System

Outdoor Single Band Digital Optic Repeater

  “SB Digital Fiber Optic Repeater” is a medium-sized mobile communication repeater specially designed for the high density low rise housing area. Main Hub Unit (MHU) received clear signals from the Base station, and those signals are distributed via optical fiber and coaxial cables to shadow areas. Those signals are sent to a Remote Optic Unit (ROU) and Remote RF Unit (RRU), located in the shadow area, and transmits the signals to mobile device by service antenna.

Outdoor Dual Band Digital Optic Repeater

In-Building Digital Optic&RF Distribution Repeater

  The DBIS on-frequency repeater has been designed to meet the needs of network operators wanting to maximize coverage while enjoying the cost saving benefits of an effective, integrated repeater and base station strategy.

Fiber & UTP Distribution Antenna System

  The Fiber & UTP Distributed Antenna System is the most advanced DAS with Full Digital technology. Compared to the Analog DAS, our HFU DAS allows strong and consistent signals regardless of distance from the signal source, making it ideal for large buildings. Our digital technology regenerates the weakened signal into BTS quality without any degradation.

Flat Ceiling Antenna

  The flat omni Antenna improves the visual problems of dome-type Antenna. Dome-type antenna is bulging appearance that incongruous with interior or caused psychological anxiety (the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves) to the customer. The flat antenna meet this kind of customer’s needs even it’s bandwidth and gain is the same or better than dome-type antenna. It supports various bands(3.5GHz) suitable for 5G MIMO according to the mobile communication trends.



Optic System

RF System



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