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  Smart Solution

Smart City with IoT by LoRa, NB-IoT

  Unitron's IoT system applied LoRa for wide area and low power network demand. The size of LoRa base station is similar to Wi-Fi AP and construction cost is very low because of the simple connection between device and base station and no need of additional repeater or other infra. With various kinds of networked sensor, switch, motor and camera, you can easily build smart city, asset tracking, smart home and any kind of IT convergence solution.

Motor fault Diagnosis Protection System

  The motor fault diagnosis protection system can automatically diagnose the electrical fault and mechanical fault of the motor on-line as well as the mechan- ical fault of the driving part. It also has a protection function that automatically stops when an overload occurs and also has a function to accurately measure the consumed power energy. Motor fault diagnostic technology works with mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence. Most customers do not have many opportunities to experience cutting-edge technology. We made it easy for anyone to do the things that the conventional motor diagnosis method does not

Auto & Virtual Test Equipment

  Auto & Virtual Test Equipment is a device with the concept of "Virtual Metrology". Quality inspection for ICT products has been very complex and costly due to operating in several technical standard and frequency bands. However, you can reduce production costs by ensuring the quality of the whole parameters by using only few metrology data in this device. According to the outcome of industry-academic cooperation with Hanyang University, the cost of testing has been reduced by more than 60%.  

Auto Recovery Circuit Breaker

  The ELB is an intelligent auto recovery earth leakage circuit breaker’ to detect a problem and identify its cause by monitoring the actual leakage on the load side, using a detecting circuit instead of being supplied with power from a battery. It’s application is an electric or telecom pole which connected with 24 hours working apparatus. When there’s temporary leakage or lighting on the circuit, you need to manually recover the switch by technician that’s a big burden for you. The switch can save this unnecessary extra cost dramatically.



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